About Us

As a collective of sustainably focused individuals we believe deeply in the power of social enterprise. We believe that doing business better will make the world better. We believe that fashion should be fun and harmless. We believe that supporting the global economy strengthens the American economy. We believe in ensuring a healthy and happy work environment for our employees and those of our factory partners. We believe in nourishing community through investing in people. We believe that we are much stronger together than we could ever be separately. We believe in science. We believe in diversity. We believe in equality. We believe in inclusion. We believe in justice. We believe in love.

Mission Statement

Provide the highest quality, sustainable products, use business as a force for good, give back to those who need it most. 

Mission #maskup

The foundational belief of our mask mission is that sharing is caring and that together we can do more – four times more. That’s why in every pack we sell, we provide our customer with four masks. Our hope is, if we’re generous with you, then you'll be generous with those you love. 

In that same spirit of generosity, we believe deeply in the power of donation and the importance of giving back to those in need. That’s why for every pack of four fabric masks we sell ,we will donate four medical grade masks OR four of our fabric masks to frontline workers, low income/at risk communities, and/or non-profit organizations. For every pack of four filters we sell, we will donate four filters along with our fabric masks. 

An added bonus - all of our masks are made from 100% Organic Cotton or 95% Organic Cotton/5% Spandex and all of our packaging is 100% biodegradable. Why? Because the planet could use a little love too. 

So #maskup. Be generous, show kindness and spread love. After all, Love Saves.

Size Guide
Size Guide
*If you are a healthcare hero hoping to use our masks for extra protection over top of your PPE/N95 mask we highly suggest you order Adult/Regular*