Pandemic Life: A Year In Review - Memes Edition

Pandemic Life: A Year In Review - Memes Edition

March 15, 2021

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It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since the world ended. The pandemic time warp makes it feel as though time has passed so slowly and yet still so quickly all at once. In one year’s time we’ve lived 60 seconds but also 10 years. While this year has been full of heartache, heart break, unprecedented death, immense challenge, and painful struggle for so many of us, I always try to look for the bright spots. No one needs to be reminded of the low points from this past 365 days. Although, based on how many fools I still see not wearing masks and not taking the pandemic seriously, I feel as though my entire day should be devoted to listing off each name of every person that’s passed on since the beginning of this madness as a reminder. However, I choose to not punish the whole class for the idiotic behavior of a few bad apples, ya know? So in looking back on the past year, I’d prefer to have a good giggle and take an opportunity to laugh at humanity. Thankfully the internet always wins and social media always appeals to my sometimes dark sense of humor in the most perfect way.

I hope you enjoy this review of the past 12 months in memes as a congratulations to all of us for still being here. Not sure where "here" is but if you're reading this that means you're alive so...Congratulations for that.  

March 2020
Seriously...Toilet Paper? Come on man...

April 2020

Masks but...make it fashun

May 2020

Who's April? Never heard of her...

June 2020


July 2020

True American refinement. it innovation? 

August 2020 

You kiss your Grandma with that mouth? 

 September 2020 

Who knew Sarah McLachlan was so funny?


October 2020

What do you mean Chelsea Clinton isn't an alien?!

November 2020

Hey Mom & Dad! Guess who's home for Thanksgiving...

December 2020

They've gotta be around Georgia somewhere.

January 2021

You really thought this would end any other way? 

February 2021

At least penguins mate for life or whatever.

March 2021

Thanks for the distraction Oprah.

All this Megxit talk really distracted me from the one year anniversary of quarantine. Well...for a few hours anyways. 


Stay safe, stay stylish, stay humble and keep finding reasons to LOL...



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