Spend Your Weekend Getting Woke

Spend Your Weekend Getting Woke

October 16, 2020

We know that despite the pandemic, life is still painfully busy for many. For some (like us) it's actually even busier than it was pre-pandemic. However, it's extremely important we all take the time to get ourselves educated. It is imperative that we seek as much information as possible relating to the various issues surrounding the upcoming election. So please take the time to watch at least some of the below. Empower yourself to vote from a place of informed decisiveness rather than calm, complacent detachment. We must vote as if our lives depend upon it (they do). 

**Our Top 6 Must Watch Docs for Pre-Election 2020**

1. The Great Hack (Netflix)

If you were unaware of exactly why Mark Zuckerberg was required to testify before Congress in April of 2018 – this documentary explains it all. The many sordid, shocking details surrounding the accusations of data hacking/mining and how it may or may not have resulted in voter persuasion or elections fraud during the 2016 Presidential election are investigated. If you thought The Social Dilemma (see below) was disturbing – you ain’t seen nothing yet. If you haven’t seen The Social Dilemma and would rather watch one or the other (this or that) – 100% watch this. It’s extremely important.

2. The Social Dilemma (Netflix)

As a member of the generation that was slowly introduced to advanced technology across my developing years – I’ve always been super appreciative of the fact that social media didn’t truly explode onto the scene until my senior year of high school (myspace LOL). I spent most of college and my early adulthood attempting to avoid using social media. I hated the way it made people behave, the way it made people feel, the way it made me feel. My social media accounts exist only because friends made them for me over the years. While I admittedly do engage with them now on a semi-regular basis, I fully respect the deeply damaging effects it can have on self-esteem as well as the relationship we have with ourselves and others. As a result, I do attempt to maintain a level of privacy that many others do not.

If you have kids, are thinking about having kids, engage with social media yourself, and/or plan to vote in this election – you must watch this documentary. If for no other reason than to become aware of the dangers social media poses to our young – and therefore our future. While none of what I saw during this documentary shocked or surprised me, many people would be very shocked and surprised by what’s discussed.

3. Immigration Nation (Netflix)

This is not for the weak of heart or soul. I cried during various parts of this docuseries. It’s hard not to. If you are divided on the immigration issue – this may sway you to one definitive side or the other. While painful to watch at times, the information provided and how it’s presented is meaningful and profound. This is perhaps the most powerful of all the docs on our list. Take the time to watch it for yourself. Absorb it. Ponder it. Come to your own conclusions. If you aren’t touched on a humanistic level in some way, well then I dk…maybe you’re a sociopath.

4. Diagnosis (Netflix)

If you liked the medical series House you’ll 100% enjoy this docuseries. A US based Yale educated Doctor on an endless quest to diagnose the un-diagnosable, partners with the New York Times to share patient’s medical histories with the world. The hope is; the more eyes that review each un-diagnosed case, the more likely they’ll finally find a diagnosis.

Generally speaking, this is just a very interesting series, but it also provides a glimpse into the lives of those among us that struggle with ongoing, unrelenting health issues here in the US. You see the frustrations they face in a healthcare system that often cares more about getting paid than diagnosing chronic illness. In contrast, you also gain visibility into the healthcare practices of other countries.

Why this is important: Obamacare, social healthcare, our health care system(s) in general have been debated for decades. If you’re lucky enough to have consistent health, you may not be privy to the struggles of many American’s with pre-existing conditions. This docuseries spotlights the challenges and shortcomings of our healthcare system – good, bad, and ugly. Educate yourself. 

5. Reversing Roe (Netflix)

While many feel (and we agree) that there are some really important details missing from this documentary, it does do a great job at exploring the general contentious history of Roe v. Wade and the politics surrounding it. Additionally, it does further elude to some glaring disparities within our healthcare system and spotlights how socioeconomic standing can dictate access to services. If you are not well versed in women’s health issues and the roll that they play in our democracy, please do take the time to watch and learn. Especially if this is a hot button issue for you, your family, friends or anyone else that might attempt to influence your vote. It is up to each of us to become as informed as possible. Voting under the influence of other people's opinions is dangerous. 

6. Totally Under Control (YouTube or Hulu)

Just watch the trailer. That is all…

Available Now for Rent or Purchase on YouTube. 

Otherwise Premier’s Tuesday 10/20 on HULU. 

Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open fam. Happy weekend. Happy watching. Happy voting...

Stay safe, stay stylish, stay humble. 



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